When I was nineteen years old, I knew that I wanted to spend my life writing poems and teaching poetry. A lifetime later, after working with MFA graduate students and K-12 students, speaking to audiences large and small at colleges, libraries, bookstores, and conventions from Atlanta to Pittsburgh, from New Orleans to Madrid, Spain, I’m still writing poems and essays about poetry and poets, literature, politics, culture, and yes, the manners and mysteries of baseball. Here you’ll find the news from where I live, which covers a lot of ground, from out of left field to all the way home, so let’s go extra innings, let’s turn two, let’s dance ourselves out of town and into the sunset.

Martin Lammon is a poet, educator, cultural rainmaker, and an avid baseball fan. He lives in Atlanta, grew up in Ohio, and has called many places home, including the hills of West Virginia and the seaside town of Cahuita, Costa Rica.

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