Lammon ATL AWP sponsor

At AWP-Atlanta, 2007

Martin Lammon is available to give readings and conduct workshops at colleges, libraries, conferences, or community programs for adults (poetry, creative nonfiction) and also at public or private schools for K-12 students (poetry). He is also available to serve as a speaker or consultant to programs and projects that advocate for the literary arts in education and in the community, including literary conferences, bookfairs, journals or presses, arts councils, translation projects (especially Latin American poetry), and other endeavors. Please use the contact form below if you’d like to be in touch (or if you’d just like to leave a comment about this site, or the news from where you live).

Martin Lammon is a poet, educator, cultural rainmaker, and an avid baseball fan. He lives in Atlanta, grew up in Ohio, and has called many places home, including the hills of West Virginia and the seaside town of Cahuita, Costa Rica.